HUAAN LIMITED was established in 2004. Over the years, HAUAN only focus on research and developing, manufacturing and marketing of Gas Discharge Tubes,Thyristor Surge Suppressors,Metal Oxide Varistors,TVS Diodes,TVS Diode Arrays,Resettable Fuse PTC component.

HUAAN invite you to visit 2020 electronica Fair (Germany)

Electronica (Germany) Date:2020.11.13~2020.11.16 Address:Fairground trade center, Germany Booth No:?To be confirmed welcome to visit our booth ! Tel:+86-755-27465585 Email:[email protected]

Tel:+86-755-27465585        Fax:+86-755-27270662
Email:  [email protected]
Add:Building C,TongAn industrial park,No 30,Aviation Road,SanWei ,XiXiang,BaoAn,ShenZhen,China
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