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HUAAN LIMITED was established in 2004. Over the years, HAUAN only focus on research and developing, manufacturing and marketing of Gas Discharge Tubes,Thyristor Surge Suppressors,Metal Oxide Varistors, TVS Diodes,TVS Diode Arrays,Resettable Fuse PTC, component. HUAAN is a world leading Circuit Protection Components supplier.

HUAAN products have been sold domestic and abroad. We are also a circuit protection solution provider for communication, Security, surge protection device, consuming electronics, industry electronics ,medical electronics, automotive electronics and new energy. HUAAN takes pride in becoming preferred supplier of SAMSUNG,DEHN+S?HNE,Amphenol,PHOENIX?CONTACT,SAIC VOLKSWAGEN...enterprise.

HUAAN has own laboratories to test EMC which come with the most comprehensive test equipments. Our FAE application engineer follow up from begin to the end for our client’s product design. This is to provide suitable circuit protection solution with suitable surge/ESD test and circuit protection components yet to shorten our clients products to market period.

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